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Range Etiquette





  1. Use of this facility is at your own risk

  2. When walking to Tee mats, keep a safe distance from occupied areas

  3. Only one golfer per tee mat

  4. Stay on the hitting mats or in the designated grass tee areas

  5. Do NOT hit balls from the grass in front of the tee mats; use grass area at end of Tee line

  6. Stay within the ropes in grass area and hit balls in a linear pattern to preserve as much grass as possible

  7. Do NOT go into the field to retrieve a ball or broken club.  NEVER!!!

  8. Children must be supervised at all times

  9. Do NOT throw or hit rocks into the field

  10. Dogs must be leashed at all times

  11. Eaglewoods Golf Center will NOT be held responsible for those that do not respect numbers 1 – 10.


We thank you for complying with the above rules which are in place for YOUR SAFETY.  If you choose to disrespect these rules, you may be asked to leave the property.

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